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10S Polishing Wheels For Polishing Glass

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Polyurethane polishign wheels (10S wheels)
10S polishing wheel is produced by polishing powder, rubber binder and abrasive are mixed and generated after the reaction

10S polishing wheel.jpg

Specification:150X50X 30mm, 150X40X70mm, 130X35X60mm
Type: 10S polishing wheel PA40/60/80

Note: 10S polishing wheel has 40/60/80/120 #, The different mesh numbers indicate that the roughness of the grain size of the grinding wheel is different.  The smaller the mesh, the bigger the particle size, the sharper the grinding wheel, and the relative mesh is Large,  the particle size of sand is smaller, grinding wheel is more wear-resistance, relatively sharpness is not as good as former.

10S polishing wheel.jpg

Application:It’s used for polishing the flat edge in Straight line Edging Machine.Double edge Machine. Can replace  BK polishing wheels series; For straight-line beveling machine processing, the previous process must be with the diamond wheels, resin wheels, followed by the process to be with the wool polishing wheel.This product must use coolant as using.

10S polishing wheel.JPG

used for plat polishing and arris polishing on the straight line machine, fine polishing on the straight- beleving machine.
10S40 polishing wheel: is sharp, long-life and bright, suitable for the glass below 12mm polishing.
10S60 polishing wheel: is sharp, brightness and long-life, suitable for the glass below 10mm polishing.
10s80 polishing wheel: is flat polishing, not sharp, but long life and bright.

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