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5-100mm Thread Diamond Glass Drill Bits Hole Cutter 1/2,1/4 For Auto Or Manual Glass Drilling Machines

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Introduction for Thread diamond glass drill bits

Thread diamond drill bits is designed to meet the critical working situation of glass drilling, the specific attention is paid to the drill bits for auto or manual drilling machines which combine the feature of speed and high precision with least edge cracking.

drill bit 13.jpg


 Specifications for Thread diamond glass drill bits

1, Outside Diameter:  5-100mm

2, 1/2" ,1/4"Thread Mount : (International Standard for All Drilling Machines)

3, Total Length of Drill: 75mm,95mm

4, Concentricity Tolerance≤0.15mm

5, Processing: sintered


drill bit 6.jpg

Use with water as a lubricant.

HNHONGXAING factory aslo can produce straight shank drill bits, core shank drill bits and electroplate diamond drill bits, and all kinds of diamond wheels for glass.

diamond glass drill bits.jpg

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