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What Is The Structure Of A Diamond Grinding Wheel?

- Jun 09, 2017 -

There are many sizes and specifications of diamond grinding wheels. They can be divided into metal, resin, ceramic and electroplated diamond grinding wheel according to the different materials,

The abrasives in the raw material are made of artificial diamond, and then are made of metal, resin, ceramic or electroplating.

The structure of diamond grinding wheel is composed of three parts: working layer, matrix and over layer.


The working layer is called the diamond layer is abrasive, binders and fillers, is part of the grinding wheel; the transition layer is composed of metal powder and binder and filler, the diamond is fixedly connected on the base part;

The substrate, for receiving abrasive layer, and a flange plate fixed on the main shaft of the grinder is in use, the metal bond diamond wheel product production, selection of steel and alloy steel powder as matrix resin binder; selection of Aluminum Alloy, bakelite as matrix. The grinding wheel can be called alloy grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel according to different matrix.

Diamond grinding wheel according to the role and use of the distinction, there are many sizes and shapes, so all kinds of parameters are not the same, the more commonly used parameters are D, T thickness, ring width, X sand thickness, etc..

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