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Attention For Using Glass Suction

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Attention for using glass suction
please note and observe the following as using glass suction:
1, the operator must understand the use of the product before the performance and working principle, if necessary, If necessary, please have an experienced person to give a guidance;
2, To check the various parts of the product is intact, parts shall not have bruises, cracks or pads hardening before using.
3, This product is only suitable for short time to extract items, if you need to use for a long time, pls confirm the pad and the material is tightly packed, if necessary, should be re-installed.
4, The suction plate is a portable tool, can not be used for cranes and other large machinery and equipment, also can not be used to support the whole person's weight;
5, the glass must be smooth, dry and clean and impermeable to the surface, no oil, water, dust and other substances pollution, otherwise it will reduce the absorption capacity to the glass, and even cause complete failure and not be used;
6, Pay attention to check the elasticity of the pad is good, which can affect the load limit, due to damage of the pad or other reasons can reduce the load capacity.so you should better promptly replace the pad;
7, This product should be placed in the flat place and not be pressed by other items to prevent long-term compression of the pad deformation.


A, Keep the pad clean, can not have lubricants and other grease pollution, if necessary, can be washed with soap and water, dry and then re-use.
B, To avoid the rubber pad in the sunlight, which can accelerate the aging of rubber and reduce flexibility;
C, Apply a few drops of lubricant to the rods on a regular basis, but you should be careful not to allow the lubricant to flowing along the rod into the pad.

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