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Diamond Drill Bits To Drill Holes With High Speed

- Sep 01, 2017 -

HNHONGXIANG Diamond Drill Bits are perfect tools to drill holes for glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, limestone, gemstones, marble, granite, slate, shell and bone. They are also used for agate drilling or core extraction. diamond drill bits for glass are also used by non-stained glass customers who need diamond drill bits for highly specialized work.

glass drill bit.jpg

Sharp grinding and easy excretion, good self-sharpening,  smoothly hole-edge , no broken and no vibration, well resistance, long service life and the working efficiency is dozens times than electroplated drill bit,etc.

Diamond drill bits.jpg

HNHONGXIANG factory can produce sintered diamond drill bits with straight shank, taper shank, cone shank from diameter form 5-100mm, and electroplated diamond drill bits from 1.5-150mm. these diamond drill bits can be widely used for all kinds of drilling machines

Diamond drill bits.jpg

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