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Diamond Grinding Wheel And Its Application

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Based on diamond abrasive as raw material, with metal powder or resin powder as a binder, made of the central through the hole of the circular consolidation abrasive called diamond wheel.

Diamond grinding wheel.jpg

Diamond wheel structure is generally composed of working layer, matrix, transition layer. Working layer also known as diamond layer, which is composed by the abrasive, binder and filler; The transition layer also known as non-diamond layer, by the binder, metal powder and filler composition, is the diamond layer firmly connected to the part of the substrate. The substrate is used for holding the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped on the main shaft of the grinding machine by the flange plate when used. General metal bonded products selection of steel and alloy steel powder as matrix resin binder; selection of Aluminum Alloy, bakelite as matrix. Made of aluminum, steel or bakelite processing, supporting layer and clamping abrasive role. The quality of grinding wheel forming quality and the use accuracy are closely related to the matrix.  

Diamond grinding wheel.jpg

The diamond grinding wheel can be divided into resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel and metal bonded diamond grinding wheel (bronze bonded diamond grinding wheel). The diamond grinding wheel according to the production process can be divided into: sintered diamond grinding (resin bonded diamond grinding wheel; vitrified diamond wheel; metal bonded diamond grinding wheel); electroplated diamond grinding wheel; brazed diamond grinding wheel. The diamond grinding wheel according to the appearance or shape can be divided into: parallel grinding wheel;cylinder grinding wheel;  bowl grinding wheel,cup grinding wheels; disc grinding wheel, etc.

Diamond grinding wheel.jpg

Diamond grinding wheel.jpgDue to the characteristics of diamond abrasive (with high hardness, high compressive strength, good resistance), make diamond tools become an ideal tools for processing hard and brittle materials and hard alloy in grinding, not only high efficiency, high precision, and good surface roughness, abrasive consumption, long service life, but also can be improved working conditions. It is widely used in ordinary abrasive machining to low iron content of metal and nonmetal hard and brittle materials, such as hard alloy, high alumina ceramics, glass, stone, ferrite, and other semiconductor materials and other hard brittle materials.  

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