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Diamond Grinding Wheel With Full Segment For Grinding Glass

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Diamond grinding wheel with full segment for grinding glass:

diamond  grinding wheel.JPG

  Hongxiang,as a professional manufacuturer of glass tools,focus on this field over

  27  years.Mainly products including diamond drill bit,diamond wheel,polishing tools,diamond saw blade,diamond router bit, glass tools parts, 

  and glass machine etc for kinds of portable,professional machine and CNC machine etc.

  Our diamond grinding wheel have following advantages:

  1.Wear-resiting, grinding efficiently

  2.Stable quality  and no chipping

  3.Good concentricity and long work life

  4.Self-produced high-quality diamond and metal powder pressed

  5.High precision, good balance.

  6.Exquisite appearance, size  complete, Best price

  7.Advanced production technology and mature experience, advancing with The Times

  8.Can be custom-made.

  About diamond grindning wheel application for diamomd grinding wheels for straight line and

  bevelling machines,double line machines,CNC machines used for glasses, quartzs, stones,

  chinawares and etc.

   Our market: Germany, Italy, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, United Kingdom, 

   Russia, Indonesia,    Belgium, Australia, Turkey, U. A. E, South Africa, Poland, 

   Iraq, Czech, Korea, Japan, Tai wan, The United States, Canada and so on .
  Certification: ISO9001: 2008 Certificate.

  Fusion copper and diamond powder by High temperature and pressure produce,High 

  quality  diamond,Mainly used for rough process 100#,Both high wear resistance and sharpness.

  Tooth shape is good for cooling water & exclude dust,Reduce resistance so that wheel 

  no chipping and demage etc.


   If you have any question, or you are  interested in any items, don't hesitste and contact me,

    welcome to inquiry me.





     Phone: 0086 18638282709

     whatsapp/wechat:+ 86 18638282709



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