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Glass Glove

- May 10, 2017 -

Glass glove:

glass glave.JPG

Glass gloves with a special 10-pin high-quality cotton yarn gloves, plastic paste imported resin and other imported raw materials, the use of professional rubber production lines, and fully vulcanized Seiko production. Soft and tough, comfortable to wear, free movement, no smell, attached to the strong, not degumming, version of the regular, bright color!

Glass glove product Features:

1. wear-resistant, anti-cutting:

The abrasion resistance of this product is 21 times the ordinary natural latex gloves, 11 times the ordinary PVC gloves, the normal life of 188 days, also has a certain anti-cutting function, can significantly reduce your labor expenses

2. resistant to oil, anti-penetration:

On a variety of oils and fats have a good oil resistance, ordinary nitrile rubber gloves 6 times the oil resistance. And has a good anti-permeability performance, especially for a variety of iron, masonry environment operations

3. Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion

It has good acid and alkali resistance, can resist all kinds of strong acid, alkali and general chemical erosion, its acid and alkali resistance is better than ordinary nitrile gloves, suitable for contact with acid and chemical environment, Strong anti-alkali and general solvent function.

4. high temperature, cold

With excellent heat and cold resistance to +138 degrees Celsius will not melt, -38 degrees Celsius is not hard, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

Glass glave  are widely used in construction, mining, metal, machinery manufacturing, glass, metal electromechanical, heavy industry operations and other industries of labor protection, is your ideal hand protection options.

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