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Grinding Mechanism Of Glass

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Glass grinding process, the first is the relative movement of the disc and glass, free abrasive under the load on the surface of the glass scratches and stripping mechanical action,

At the same time, micro-cracks are produced on the glass. The water used in abrasive is not only cooling, but also producing hydrolysis with the new surface of glass, producing silica gel, which is advantageous for peeling and has certain chemical effect. So repeated, the surface of the glass formed a layer of hollow surface, with a certain depth of the crack layer.


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 The main process factors affecting the glass grinding process

The grinding speed and the grinding quality of the glass during the glass grinding process are the amount of grinding (the amount of glass in the unit time) and the depth of the concave layer of the grinding glass. The grinding efficiency is high, and the depth of the concave layer is small and the grinding quality is good. Some of the process factors affect only one of them, and have an effect on two items, but often have a good effect on one and the other is counterproductive. The depth of the grinding glass sag increases with the increase of grain size, that is, the grinding quality becomes worse with the increase of grain size. To this end, at the beginning of the grinding, with a thicker grain size, improve the grinding efficiency, in a relatively short time to make glass products to achieve the appropriate shape or surface formation. After the grinding with fine abrasive, so that the grinding quality gradually improved, finally reached the surface quality of polishing requirements.



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Concentration and feed quantity of abrasive suspension

 Abrasive suspensions are usually made from abrasive water and suspended liquid. The water not only disperses the abrasive, distributes evenly in the working face, and takes away the ground glass debris, cools the friction to produce the heat, and causes the glass surface to hydrolyze into the silica gel film. Therefore, the amount of water added to the grinding efficiency has a certain effect. Usually to measure the density of the suspension liquid or the liquid-solid ratio of the suspension liquid to indicate the concentration of the suspension, a variety of particle size of the abrasive has its most suitable concentration, too large or too small, all affect the grinding efficiency.

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Grinding diamond wheel`s speed and pressure

The speed and pressure of the grinding diamond wheels are proportional to the grinding efficiency. The speed of the grinding diamond wheel is fast, and the abrasive will be more and more, and the abrasion degree of the abrasive is increased obviously. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the amount of abrasive material, or not only grinding efficiency does not increase, or even reduce, there will be scars and other defects

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Chemical composition of glass

The effect of the chemical composition of glass on the grinding efficiency and depth of the sag, the soft glass is easy to grind, but the deep depth of the depression is left.

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 Grinding and polishing materials

As the glass polishining wheels, the mechanical action is the main, so the hardness of the abrasive must be greater than the hardness of the glass. The glass and the daily grind the processing allowance is big, therefore generally uses the corundum or the natural emery grinding efficiency is high. The grinding allowance of flat glass is small, but the area is large, the dosage is many, generally uses the inexpensive quartz sand. Commonly used polishing materials (iron oxide, cerium oxide, chromium oxide, zirconia, oxidized thorium, etc.), daily-use glass processing also has a long stone powder, the above for glass polishing materials used the earliest the most extensive materials. Cerium oxide and zirconia are more polished than pink, because their prices are relatively high, and their application is not very wide. Requirements for polishing materials.

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