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HNHONGXIANG Factory Introduce A Variety Of Abrasive Process For Glass Tools

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Glass grinding wheel manufacturers, super-hard abrasive grinding wheel with a combination of resin, metal, electroplating and brazing. Resin binder grinding wheel is mainly used for sharpening tool gauges, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding; metal bonding agent grinding wheel for cutting grinding, optical curve grinding machine grinding, grinding a single blade cutter, grinding small drill Spiral groove, also applies to electroplated grinding;

glass diamond grinding wheel.jpg

  Metal bonded grinding wheel with high efficiency, good shape retention, high durability, easy to dress, service long life, and low grinding costs, which has now become efficient, high precision grinding preferred abrasive; Suitable for high-speed grinding and forming grinding, but also for the hole of high-efficiency grinding (wet grinding) and in the use of coordinate grinding machine; brazing wheel suitable for ultra-high-speed grinding. In the case of

glass diamond grinding wheel.jpg

  Glass grinding wheel manufacturers analysis, it must be noted that different grades of abrasive, due to different manufacturing processes, the crystal morphology, particle shape is different, and have different strength, thermal stability and crushing characteristics, should be based on the type of binder, grinding Workpiece material and grinding method, choose a different abrasive.

glass diamond grinding wheel.jpg

  Super-hard grinding surface and gold-plated clothing (metal coating can play a reinforcement toughening, reduce the thermal shock and in the abrasive and binder between the bridge role, can improve the performance of the wheel) and non-coated metal clothing two Species, should be based on the type of binder, workpiece materials, dry grinding and wet grinding and other different conditions. dry grinding general selection of copper clothing, wet grinding selection of nickel clothing. At present, the plating metal has been developed from nickel and copper to titanium, tungsten alloy, non-metallic ceramics, etc., from a single coating to the composite coating, and has been developed by the abrasive coating to the powder coating.

HNhongxiang can produce and supply the right diamond wheel for your application in proceesing glass with metal and resin diamond grinding wheels, polishing wheels. With cooperating with many glass machine factories in the world , best quality and the competitive price, our products always can meet or exceed the satisfaction and achieve the good reputation in the foreign market

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