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HNhongxiang Factory Teach You How To Inspect The Quality Of Edging Glass

- Feb 07, 2018 -

HNHONGXIANG glass tools factory teach you how to test the quality of edging glass Before installation and use are required for glass edging,  how to identify the quality of edged glass? Then we must look at the smooth problem of grinding, from this place to be able to identify the quality of the glass grind to the level, the following is a combination of glass grinding machine to introduce the detailed content.

diamond grinding wheels.JPG

Glass edging machine is one of the earliest and largest amount of mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment.

The main function is to grind the glass, as well as make some special shapes. Divided into single arm profiled edging machine, linear edging machine, by the model edging machine. Glass edging machine mainly through the diamond grinding wheel to grinding and polishing the glass.

diamond grinding wheels.JPG

If you want to make the edging more smooth you can use the multi-mesh grinding head and the choice of finer diamond grinding wheels, of course, the process may need to be completed gradually from low to high.

After the glass cutting generally have a very sharp edge, according to different purposes to determine the different grinding wheel for milling. There are two common ways of edging, one is machine rubbing with grinding wheel, the other is manual grinding with grinding wheel.

diamond grinding wheels).JPG

Automatic glass edging machine with diamond grinding wheels

Glass machine edging is the use of glass edging machine for glass edging, according to more specific uses and was also divided into horizontal, vertical glass edging machine, crystal steel door glass edging machine, cabinet glass edging machine, etc., According to different size of diamond grinding wheels choose the right one for grinding glass.

diamond grinding wheels.JPG

Manual glass edging machine with diamond grinding wheels                                             

 Using adjustable speed manual grinding machine with different processing effect of the diamond grinding wheels, with water; or polishing with cerium oxide powder.

Of course there are small portable glass edging machine, it can also worked with different kinds of glass grinding wheels..

The method of operation is to directly place the glass that needs to be edged on the flowing bar of the glass edging machine, select the proper grinding wheel, adjust the speed, grind twice or three times.

diamond grinding wheels.jpg

The above is the introduction of HNHONGXIANG glass tools manufacturers to identify the quality of the glass after grinding method, when the test can be used to.

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