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HNhongxiang Share The Several Differences In Glass Edging

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The difference between glass fine grinding and rough grinding operation:

First of all, glass edging is actually used diamond grinding wheels to grinding the edges of glass  for aesthetics and not to hurt people.The edging is divided into rough edging and fine edging by using diamond grinding wheels:rough grinding is used rough diamond grinding wheels and fine grinding is used the polishing wheel for polishing on the glass edging machines.

 glass grinding wheels.jpg

Tempered glass must be finely ground, which is a process problem. Like LOW-E glass, rough edges are needed because he cannot touch water and cannot be machined.

 The difference between the performance of glass fine-edged and rough-edged:

1Because the glass is mainly used for decoration after deep processing, there are many small quantities and many specifications. Currently, some semi-automatic machines for deep processing of glass products, such as 15-30 cm width lines, are horizontally roughened, polished, and most of the models are still Reliance on artificial hand-grinding machines for processing, such as cabinets, bay windows, foot lines, and pedals, etc. The market has also started to use vertical glass edger machines for processing, which has improved efficiency and accuracy, reduced production costs, and is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. In addition to the peripheral processing of sheet metal surface processing.

2, after the glass tools processing of flat glass is mainly used in home appliances, automobiles, solar energy, curtain wall engineering and other fields, glass products, large quantities of small size, such as shower room glass, stove glass, can be deep processing in large quantities, the main process is edging, drilling, Cleaning, screen printing, tempering, etc., edging all by the machine, a high degree of automation. Glass is dominated by peripheral diamond grinding wheels to process.

 glass grinding wheels.JPG


The difference between right-angle and oblique-edged glass

1, straight edge is perpendicular to the mirror, oblique edge is worn out with the mirror into a slope of about 10 degrees, the appearance is more stylish, good-looking.

2, deep processing of different thickness of glass and mirror: cutting, edging, polishing edge, bevel edge, the production of special-shaped edge by different diamond grinding wheels. Our products include: diamond grinding wheels, polishing wheels, diamond drill bits, diamond cutters and other glass tools

 glass grinding wheels.jpg

The difference between mirrored car glass and mirrored glass

1. The edging mirror does not show any change from the front, just because the edge of the mirror is not too sharp. The mirror that is worn can be used directly.

2, the car is more elegant than the edge grinding. The mirror behind the car will generally see the front side about 1cm (the thickness of the mirror from the inside to the outside from the thin thickness), this side through the surrounding, 45 degrees diagonal, there is Very strong decorative. Generally used in the family bathroom, but also widely used in commercial areas of the partial wall or cylinder decoration. Which kinds of shapes can be processed by 45 degrees diamond grinding wheels, pencil diamond grinding wheel, OG wheel, and trapezoidal grinding wheel, etc.

glass grinding wheels.JPG

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