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How Can Buy A Reasonable Glass Wheels For Your Machines?

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Glass grinding wheel because of it`s have many varieties, therefore, about the different types of glass grinding machines, firstly you need to  understand the mechanical fit of the type, corresponding to select. Then look for a good quality glass grinding wheel. As a result, here are a few of the tips for customers.


flat glass edge grinding wheels (2).jpg

1. Linear edging machine, polishing wheels elasticity, polishing function request High, therefore, most of the domestic glass deep-processing manufacturers are in use. This type of machinery is mainly used to polish the bottom of the glass by glass grinding wheel, or is used to polishing glass chamfer angle by glass grinding wheel. Because the polishing tool is hard, it has the characteristics of strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency and long service life. For some furniture glass and process manufacturers we recommend the use of polished high hardness glass grinding wheel.


diamond polishing wheel 1.jpg

2. Single-arm special-shaped edging machine in the polishing glass straight edge, round edge, duck mouth and waves edge, usually choose the glass grinding wheel according to the thickness of the glass to be polished. In the polished glass of the special bevel, usually to choose the glass grinding wheel and wool felt type polishing wheels. Wool felt polishing wheels should also be used with cerium oxide polishing powder with diaphragm.


grinding wheel 8.jpg

3. Linear circular edge machine, glass car engraving machine is usually used for glass engraving machine dedicated  glass grinding wheel. Its standard according to the type of machine can be divided into two kinds, other edging machine and special edging machine in addition to the above glass edging machine, there are some simple structure, the use of a single edging machine, such as chamfering machine, small wafer machine, portable edging machine. There are also some special edging machine, such as both sides of the line edging machine, wash basin edging machine. Die edging machine, etc. The types of glass grinding wheels they choose are usually similar to those of the polishing tools described above, just different in standard. In the selection, should be processed according to the shape of the glass edge, characteristics, brightness and the variety of edging machine, selection of the corresponding glass grinding wheel and standard scale.


manual glass edging machine.jpg

HNhongxiang can produce and supply the right diamond wheel for your application in proceesing glass with metal and resin diamond grinding wheels, polishing wheels. With cooperating with many glass machine factories in the world , best quality and the competitive price, our products always can meet or exceed the satisfaction and achieve the good reputation in the foreign market.

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