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How To Choose The Right Glass Wheels For Your Machine

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Glass grinding machine is widely used in deep glass processing, the precision of glass edging machine depends on the selection of glass grinding wheels. Generally choose the diamond wheels, polishing wheels, resin wheels. The order is flat bottom coarse grinding, fine grinding, 45 degree coarse grinding, fine grinding. Finally, the polishing wheel and the resin wheel are used to polish the flat bottom and 45 degrees. Choose the good quality of diamond grinding wheels can be loss consumption, and  which can use  for a long time. But the resin wheel to the loss of a large point. So the grinding of a large number of glass and the requirements of the high some of the imported grinding wheel. HNhongxiang factory would introduce how to choose the polishing wheels.

glass polishing wheel.jpg

(1) Linear circular edging machine.

This kinds of machine usually using BK polishing wheels and BD polishing wheels.


glass polishing wheel.jpg

(2) Glass  engraving machine.

Usually uses the glass vehicle engraving machine Special polishing wheels. Its specifications can be divided into two parts according to the type of machine.


(3) Straight bevel edging machine.

General using and wool felt polishing wheels. The specifications of the 10S polishing wheels are usually used for the bottom wheel, as shown in motor 1. Wool felt type polishing wheels should be used with cerium oxide polishing powder.


glass polishing wheel.jpg

(4) Other edging machine and special edging machine.

In addition to the above glass edging machine, there are some simple structure, the use of a single edging machine, such as chamfering machine, small wafer machine, portable edging machine. There are also having some special edging machine, such as straight line bilateral edging machine, wash basin edging machine. Die edging machine, etc. They are used in the type of polishing wheels generally with the above-mentioned several edging machine with polished wheels similar, but the specifications are different. In the selection, should be processed according to the shape of the glass edge, characteristics, brightness and the type of edging machine, the corresponding polishing wheel and size.


(5) Single-arm special-shaped edging machine.

In the polished glass straight edge, round edge, duck mouth and wave edge, the general use of BD series polishing wheels and BK series polishing wheels.  Generally according to the thickness of the glass to be polished,  to choose the appropriate polishing wheels  thickness. In the polished glass of the special bevel, the general use of 10S series polishing wheels and wool felt type polishing wheels. Wool felt polishing wheels should also be used with cerium oxide polishing powder with diaphragm. They are chosen in the same way as straight bevel machines.


glass polishing wheel.jpg

(6) Straight edging machine.

General use of 10S Series or 9R series polishing wheels 10S series of the elasticity, polishing performance better than the 9R series polishing wheels, therefore, most of the domestic glass deep-processing manufacturers are using the 10S series polishing wheels. 10S Series Polishing wheels and 9R series of polishing wheels are also two types, one is used for polishing the bottom of the glass bottom polishing wheel, and another is used to polishing the glass chamfer angle polishing wheel. Because of the hardness of the 9R series polishing wheels relative to the 10S series of polishing wheels, it has the characteristics of strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency and long service life. For some furniture glass and process glass processing, requires a high degree of brightness, often also use X5000 polishing wheels.

glass polishing wheel.jpg

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