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How To Judge The Quality Of Glass Drill Bits?

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The quality standard of glass bit is based on  glass drill bit`s  quality,  sharpness, service life, the size of chipping, and the self sharpening!
1, The stable quality of the glass drill bit is a manifestation of the company's production technology is mature.
2. Glass drill bit sharpness refers to it`s drilling speed, some manufacturers of glass drill bit products need to spend a lot of effort to have a good drilling speed, it is easy to cause staff fatigue, reduced working efficiency, and the glass will be  easy to be fractured.
3. Glass drill bit`s service life refers to the glass drill bit in a certain thickness of the glass can achieve the number of drilled holes, operating environment and operating technology  have a certain impact on the drilling bits life.
4,4. The size of the chipping is any kind of glass drill bit will appear the phenomenon, but the size of the chipping is different.
5. Self-sharpening refers to the number of times the drill bit needs to be cut in use of the glass drill. The self-sharpening glass drill can not need to open the blade or rarely need to re-open the blade.

diamond drill bits.jpg

HNHONGXIANG diamond drill bits have four types can meet all kinds of glass drilling manchines:

Thread shank drill bits from 5-100mm

Straight shank drill bits from 5-100mm

Core shank drill bits from 5-100mm

Electroplate diamond drill bits from 1.5-150mm

diamond drill bits.jpg

HNHONGXIANG diamond drill bits have Advantages;
Grinding sharp excretion easy, good self-sharpening,
Smooth hole no cutting edge and no vibration,
Good wear resistance,
Long service life,
Working efficiency for the electroplating drill several times and so on.

diamond drill bits.jpg

HNhongxiang can produce and supply the suitable diamond drill bits for your application in drilling glass. Our diamond drill bits can be widely used in all type drill machines with highly accuracy size,high efficiency. Simultaneously, with our better service and competitive price, our glass drill bits are widely used by small fabricators and top 500 company of the world.

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