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How To Use Glass Cutters To Cutting Glass?

- Aug 15, 2017 -

1, prepare the work area. You should better to prepare a large flat table, it is best  for not too hard to scratch the glass and the work area should be easy to clean.

2, clean the glass surface before you are ready to cut. Any stains and irregularities on the glass will prevent you from scratching on it.

3, Prepare a glass cutter and some low viscosity oil. The use of glass cutter is similar to the use of pencil, making use of the diamond to making scratches on the glass, so that you can cut the glass along the scratches.

4, measure and mark where you want to scratch. The scratches must be from one side edge to the other side edge. Cutting length should not be too long. Scratches over 60 cm will increase the risk of glass fragmentation.

5, crossed on the glass. Make sure to check the glass knife at the location and direction you want.

6, Press the glass by hand and roll the scribe along the surface with a glass cutter. Pay attention to the sound. The sound of rustling means that your strength is too big or your glass cutting blade is not enough oil. The smaller the sound, the better the cutting will be.

7,The glass cutter is drawn from one end to the other end smoothly. Even if you have missing places do not draw back and forth along the line.

8, Finally, using hands to seize the glass split line at both ends of a break can be separated from the glass.

glass cutter.jpg


The cutter head can be replaced:

glass cutters ..jpgglass cutters ..jpg

glass cutters ..jpg

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