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How To Use Manual Drill Machine Drill Glass

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Many people have this experience: glass easily broken or drilled deviate, so they think it`s not easy to drill glass by using manual drill machine. HNHONGXIANG have some professional tips advice on the operation.

1, The glass should be padded with something flat and soft.

2,using a waterproof marker to draw a size where you want to drill.then, though water.

3,The drill bit should start with 45 °beveling hole position when drill, Do not put the drill bit perpendicular to the glass.

4,pay attention to water , or easy to break the drill bit in the process of drilling.

5,keep the speed and don`t speed down as the hole will be finished.

6,If there is a residue beneath the hole, turn the glass over and drill it again.


HNhongxiang,as a professional manufacturer of glass tools,focus on this field over 27 years, the strength of cooperating with many glass machine manufacturers,such as Deway,ZXM,BOTTERO、BAVELLONI,etc. Researched &Designed high efficiency glass processing tools to used for CNC machine, Straight edge machine,Bilateral machine,Beveling machine ,glass drill bits machines,etc.


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