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Instruction Of Glass Edge Processing

- Nov 29, 2017 -

First, grinding edge operators must wear protective supplies before working, wear gloves, wear rubber and wear a helmet when processing glass. Read the production task list carefully.

Second, before processing glass edge, you need to carefully retest the size of semi-finished products, to avoid the operation of the error continues to continue, and check the appearance of glass, to avoid scratches and grinding can`t eliminate the scales, missing corners.

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Third, inspection, the glass should pay attention to semi-finished products can be processed, if there is a crack, then can`t be grinding glass edge  to avoid damage to equipment and personnel.

Four, the glass must be removed from the outside, can`t be extracted from any of the glass.

Five, the appearance of quality requirements of high-quality glass, the appearance of quality inspection should be more than or equivalent to the automotive grade glass original quality appearance requirements.

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Six, grinding quantity control: 8mm below Grinding quantity ﹤2.5mm,10-19mm grinding quantity ﹤1.5mm; Feed speed: 8mm below speed ﹤2.5m,10-19mm speed ﹤1.5m.

Seven, grinding machine every day and downtime, operators should do routine checks, search content including whether the grinding wheel is loose, wear degree, circulation water is clean and so on. When grinding different thickness glass, it is necessary to carry out test grinding.

Eight, the plate glass grinding, the layout of more than 3 square meters, must use the hook and suction cups, many people carry glass on the edge of the mill can`t run, walking pace to be consistent.

Nine, the grinding wheel for glass should be inspected, adjusted and corrected daily. Circulating water should be kept cleaning, the circulation tube should be kept unblocked and must be changed regularly.

Ten, change the grinding wheel must open blade before processing products.

The amount of grinding and feed speed, to reasonable match, lest broken glass.

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12, after the edge of the glass in the appearance of size and quality inspection, unqualified products do not flow into the next procedure.

13, the special-shaped diamond glass wheels must be  according to customer's request, strictly presses the model or the geometry to process, causes the grinding surface to be smooth and smooth.

14, grinding, must be evenly grinding, hard not too strong, so as not to wear broken glass.

XV, the glass after grinding, for the special strict requirements of the fine glass stacked must be added to the isolation paper.

16, after the edge of the glass stacking: When the specification (length x width) is not at the same time, must be at the junction with the edge of the paper to add the isolation (paper about 100㎜x200㎜ or fine rope), in case the glass scratches.

17, before work tools in time to pick up the box, check whether the power switch off, clean the site after health, before work,testing of glass edging.

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 Classification of edging for glass :

Grinding edge by shape to divide: hypotenuse, round edge, straight edge, duck tongue edge.

By the edge of the surface to be divided: cutting section, sand with chamfering, the first grinding edge, polishing edge.

In the processing of grinding glass edge`s the requirements, cutting section and sand with chamfering edge.

To removing  the glass rim. The size of the product is calculated by the maximum size of the front edge.

The explosion edge of the product can`t be thicker than half the thickness of the glass, from the edge to be less than the thickness of the glass.

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