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Introducting The Methods Of Drilling Glass

- Oct 13, 2017 -

How to drilling glass?
First of all to confirm whether the glass is float glass or tempered glass, is floating (not through the steel) glass in the above drilling. The best level of the glass placed, stable selection of hand drill is pay attention to, it is best to use can adjust the speed, to determine the location of the hole, the water in the mouth of the drill bit, the drill bit with the glass when you must be sure to stabilize Hand drill to prevent the drill and the glass surface slide, causing unnecessary scratches, at the beginning, with low speed drilling, and the drill bit with the glass surface was 45 ° angle, in the hole side to open a crescent-shaped small mouth , And then continue to drill along the small mouth, then gradually adjust the angle of the drill bit and the glass surface to 90 ° vertical, to be confirmed hand drill has not slippery deviation when the hand drill speed can be accelerated, while constantly dripping on the drill , Cooling the working surface, if the drilling hole diameter is relatively large, then the middle of the proposed stop, the hole in the glass powder rinse with water and then continue drilling, when the glass is about to drill, hand drill speed to slow down, and To stabilize the hand drill with both hands, the purpose is to prevent the moment in the drill, hand drill lost center of gravity, the occurrence of torsion or chuck impact glass surface, causing damage to the glass.

glass drill bit 2.jpg

If you only have a general hand drill, but also can drill, but to the operation of the tool to be more proficient.
1, the glass flat on a work surface, between the table and the glass can be padded between the cardboard, foam or wood panels;
2, according to the size of the hole in the drill on the installation of glass drill and fastened;
3, to determine the location of the use of marking pen marked;
4 right hand holding the handle of the drill, left hand holding the drill body. Tilt the drill, use a bit on the front of the drill first to drill a half circle at the point where the hole is needed;
5, put a bearing set at this point, pour a sufficient amount of water in the middle of the bearing;
6, began drilling, drilling when the drill bit with the glass surface parallel to the drill can be rotated with the drill to gently rotate the drill, not hard to press the drill bit to avoid the glass rupture.
7, glass drill through, the glass hole in the glass will enter the bubble, cardboard or fall into the middle of the wood. If the drilled glass is left in the drill, the drill bit can be put into the water and the wire is ejected.
8, the glass is not easy to punch too fast; always keep the middle of the bearing enough water; in time to clean the glass residue left in the drill; according to the bit wear and tear to replace the drill bit.

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