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Long Serve Life Of Internal Segmented Diamond Wheel For Glass

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Internal segmented diamond wheel of introduction:

CUP wheel. Internal segmented diamond wheel is made of Premium metal powder and self-produced and high quality of synthetic diamond grits, sintered in high temperature and high pressure. The appearance looks like inner serrated, which design can improve the cutting force of the grinding wheel; and contribute to the work of water and excretion, reduce the temperature in working,and protect the glass from heat (burns, explodes, etc.) Internal segmented diamond wheels are usually used for glass straight edging machine and glass double edging machine.

Internal segmented diamond wheel of advantage:

High sharpness, no chipping, high strength, high thermal/heat resistance,etc.

internal segmented diamond wheel..JPG

Attention for using Internal segmented diamond wheel:

1, Before using diamond wheel, you should better check the wheel is or not intact(Cracked, passivation).

2,According the process of “coarse grinding-medium grinding-fine grinding-fine polishing”, the wheel should be install in the correct position and suitable machine.

3,The wheel is installed must be passed static balance test before using.

4,Water is very important in the using of diamond wheel to grinding, which not only can improve the working efficiency and prolongs the service life of diamond wheel.

5,To choose an appropriate speed is also important. Speed too fast, force too much, May cause damage to the grinding wheel, and even the operator injured.

6,In the grinding process if the grinding wheel is not sharp enough or blocked,the grinding wheel should be trimmed slightly.

7,diamond wheel is a valuable tools,don`t leave in disorder, especially can not be affected with damp, erosion, impact,and also should not be exposed to high temperature.


diamond wheel for glass.jpg

HNhongxiang,as a professional manufacturer of glass tools,focus on this field over 27 years,

For a variety of glass edging machine on the market, HNhongxiang design and produce of a series of grinding wheel, which can achieve the  the glass of rough grinding, fine grinding, chamfering, Polishing are in one-time finish.Such as: full segmented diamond wheel, continuous diamond grinding wheel,resin diamond grinding wheel,diamond pencil edge grinding wheel, 10S polishing wheel.X5000 polishing wheel,or CE-3 polishing wheel.


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