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Manual Glass Grinding Wheel

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Small manual glass grinding machine for grinding thickness of 3-20mm glass, stone, quartz stone and other plates; the machine has a convenient portable, lightweight, economical use of the advantages.

Manual Glass Grinding Wheel..jpg

1,Grinding straight edge: according to the relevant size will be simple rail mounted on the glass, adjust the grinding edge guide wheel, so smooth and flexible along the guide for a straight line reciprocating motion, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding straight side.

Manual Glass Grinding Wheel.jpg

When used Manual glass grinding wheel, first select the thickness of the edge to be determined with the plate, the shape of the appropriate wheel mounted on the mill, fixed a good track, adjust the grinding wheel high and low position, and lock the handle lock, adjust the knife handle, Contact, and have the appropriate amount of grinding, and then open the water valve to the cold water spray to the grinding wheel, start the power switch so that the grinding wheel is running, you can manipulate the mill along the track uniform grinding.

diamond grinding wheel.jpg

Note that grinding can not stop halfway, or pause will appear depression phenomenon, such as the emergence of this situation, you need a small amount of feed, and then repeat the grinding can be amended once(manual glass grinding wheel).

polishing wheel.jpg

2.Grinding curve, arc side: no track, just skilled operation of the mill along the curved slab edge grinding, such as the system is round, can be fixed in the center of the center of the board, so that the mill along the center For circular motion can be processed out of the norms of the round product, the other process processing methods and grinding straight edge the same.
Technology Data: Voltage:220V/50HZ Grinding speed:1—3m/min Power:680W RPM:6000 r/min Application:Glass,stone,tile etc polishing,edging and grinding Suitable wheel: BD,FA,PE,FA,OG wheel,BeveL,BK,wool felt etc 100mm diameter wheels.

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