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Operation Specification For Manual Glass Drill Machine:

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Operation specification for manual glass drill machine:

1, the drillers should check the surface of the glass to be processed whether have scars, bubbles, mirror glass whether have light leakage,etc.

2, according to the processing requirements of the hole`s diameter, replace the corresponding specifications drill bit.

3, with the same thickness of the waste glass to debug machine, until the machine be transferred  in good condition.

4, in the glass drilling area affixed with a white sticker, to confirm the location of the hole, and with a pencil to draw the outer aperture coordinates limit points.

5,Placed the glass in the drill platfrom, and adjust the glass to make sure the drill bit alignment the hole to be drilled.

6, open the machine power,Slowly and uniformly force the drill bit down to the drill position, until the glass is drilled. in operating pls be attention to force uniformly, in order to avoiding bad influence.

7, after drill is completed, remove the glass, measuring the location and quality of drilling weather meet the processing requirements。

manual glass drilling machine.jpg

 Attention for manual glass drill machine::


1, see clearly the processing requirements, do not drill wrong hole`s diameter and  position.

2, before drilling, the drilling platfrom should be cleaned, in order to cause  scratches and other bad influence.

3,Glass hole can not appear the collapse.

4, you can use the cone shank drill bit from our factory produced.

 cone shank drill bits.jpg



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