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Pencil Edge Diamond Wheels To Processing Arc-edge For Glass

- Aug 18, 2017 -

pencil edge diamond wheels (PE) is made of Premium metal powder and self-produced synthetic diamond grits, sintered in high temperature and high pressure.

grinding wheel 11.jpg

Detail paremeters:
1, production processing: sintered
2,diameter: 80/100/150/175mm
3, processing glass of thickness:3-20mm
4, diamond girts: costom-made
5, processing shape: arc-shaped
6,suitble machine: special shaped glass beveling machine/CNC working centre

grinding wheel 14.jpg

Small grinding resistance, high efficiency, less consumption of wheel, longer service life,good finish surface and also can improving the working condition.


Those following wheels form HNHONGXIANG factory can work with Pencil Edge Diamond Wheel:
Full segmented diamond wheel, continuous diamond grinding wheel,resin diamond grinding wheel, all kinds of parallel diamond grinding wheel, 10S polishing wheel, X5000 polishing wheel or CE-3 polishing wheel.


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