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Plastic Glass Manual Cutter For Cutting Glass

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Plastic Glass Manual cutter for cutting glass:

glass cutter.jpg

Manual glass cutter use instructions:

With a ruler fixed size, hold down the ruler, with a glass cutter along the ruler along the way draw, pay attention to, to force, to feel the sound of broken glass skin, if the feeling cut up silent. 

Certainly is not the strength to re-draw After the lines have been completed, the success of the glass  cutter  pad in the glass, the glass side of the table by the cutter, the cutter is pad in the table side of the glass, facing the traces of scratch, with a good glove, pay attention to safety, both palm Hold the traces of the two sides, the edge of the glass edge of the average position, both hands palm at the same time force, to be fast, fast, do not slowly force, hear, bang bang, immediately power to prevent the two hands to separate the glass hard to the table The pressure caused by rupture, the workers, the glass is very neat, beautiful. 

Finally, with a frosted cloth to throw the glass, do not be too sharp row on the line.

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