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Resin Diamond Wheel For Grinding And Chamfering

- Aug 21, 2017 -

Resin Diamond Wheel for grinding and chamfering

Resin diamond grinding wheel is produce of premium resin powder and self-produced synthetic diamond grits, sintered in high temperature and high pressure. Commonly used in glass straight edging machine , double edging machine and beveling edging machine for the grinding and chamfering. For grinding and chamfering glass in straight and boule edging machines, resin diamond wheel is adopt aluminium as matrix, and the wheel will be designed into cup-wheel; For grinding glass in beveling edging machine, resin diamond wheel is adopt aluminium or bakelite as matrix, and the wheel will be designed into bowl-wheel.

resin diamond wheel.jpgresin diamond wheels.jpg

Detail parameters for Resin Diamond Wheel:

1, production processing: sintered

2,cup wheel`s diameter:


3,bowl wheel`s diameter: 150*15*10mm,150*10*15mm

4, processing glass of thickness3-20mm

45 diamond girts: costom-made


Advantage for Resin Diamond Wheel:

Good sharpness, no chipping, better wear resistance, long service life, can grind glass with a variety of thickness .etc.

Those following wheels form HNHONGXIANG factory can work with Pencil Edge Diamond Wheel

Full segmented diamond wheel, continuous diamond grinding wheel, 10S polishing wheel, X5000 polishing wheel or CE-3 polishing wheel.

diamond wheels.jpg

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