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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To During The Installation Of The Diamond Grinding Wheel

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Glass grinding Machine is one of the most common machine equipment in mechanical factory. Its installation is reasonable, whether it meets the safety requirements, its use is correct, whether it complies with the safe operating procedures. These problems are directly related to every employee's safety, so in the actual use must arouse our attention.

  1. Positioning problem. Grinding Wheel machine installed in the location is our installation process to consider the problem, only the selection of a reasonable and appropriate position, we can carry out other work. Grinding Wheel machine is prohibited to install in the vicinity of equipment and operators or often someone past the place, the general larger workshop should be set up special grinding wheel room. If you do not have to set the special grinding wheel room with the limitation of the terrain of the factory, you should install the protective stall with no less than 1.8m height on the front of the grinding wheel machine, and the file board should be firmly and effectively.

  2. glass grinding wheels.JPG

2. Balance problem. the unbalance of the glass grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccurate manufacture and installation of the grinding wheel, so that the center of gravity of the wheel does not coincide with the rotation axis. The damage caused by unbalance is mainly manifested in two aspects, on the one hand, when the grinding wheel is rotating at high speed, it causes vibration, it is easy to produce multiple angular vibration marks on the workpiece surface. On the other hand, the unbalance accelerates the vibration of the spindle and the wear of the bearing, which causes the rupture. Therefore, the requirements of the vertical is greater than or equal to 200mm sand Office should be installed on the chuck after the static balance, grinding wheel after the plastic repair or in the work found imbalance, should be repeated static balance.

glass grinding wheels.JPG

3. Matching problem matching problem is mainly refers to the chuck and the wheel installation matching problem. According to the standard requirements, the glass grinding wheel chuck diameter shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the installed sand office, and the corresponding provisions of the wheel wear to diameter than the size of the disk diameter of 10mm should replace the new glass grinding wheel. In this way, there is a matching problem between chuck and wheel, otherwise, the "Big horse cart" causes the waste of equipment and materials, "small horse cart" does not meet the safety requirements, easy to cause personal accidents. Therefore, the reasonable matching of chuck and grinding wheel can save equipment, cut material, on the other hand, meet the safety operation requirements. In addition, the diamond grinding wheel and Chuck should also be installed between the diameter is greater than the diameter of the chuck 2mm, thickness of 1mm~2mm cushion.

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4. Protection shield is the most important protective device of the grinder, its function is: when the wheel in the work for some reason damage, can effectively cover the debris of the glass grinding wheel, to ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the wheel shield is round and square, and its maximum opening angle is not allowed to exceed 90 (; the material of the shield is steel with tensile strength not less than 415n/mm2). When replacing the new glass grinding wheel, the shield should be installed firmly and securely, and the shield must not be disassembled or discarded.

glass grinding wheels.jpg

The screen board is one of the main protective accessories of the glass grinding wheel machine, and the shield is above the spindle level above the opening of 30 (when this device must be set.) Its main function is to block the flying in the grinding process, so as not to hurt the operator. It is installed on the positive end of the shield opening, the width should be greater than the width of the wheel shield, and should be firmly fixed on the shield. In addition, the circular surface of the grinding wheel and the gap between the stall should be less than 6mm.

glass grinding wheels.JPG

5. Bracket problem bracket is one of the common accessories of grinding wheel machine, according to the specified glass grinding wheel diameter above 150mm grinding wheel machine must set adjustable bracket. The distance between the wheel and the bracket should be less than 1/2 of the minimum shape of the workpiece, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm.

6. Grounding problem Grinding wheel machine using power line, so the shell of the equipment must have a good grounding protection device. This is one of the most important factors that cause accidents.

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