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Why To Choose Resin Diamond Wheel To Polishing Glass?

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Resin diamond grinding wheel adopt aluminum or bakelite as the matrix, mixed with a certain formula of premium metal powder and synthetic diamond grits, sintered in high temperature and high pressure. Compared with metal bonded diamond grinding wheel, resin diamond grinding wheel have good self-sharpening, well elasticity, well surface finishing, better wear resistance,and not easy to cause the deformation and damage of the grinding wheel,etc. After grinding by metal bonded diamond grinding wheel, the glass`s surface will be left corresponding traces,and resin wheel is used to eliminate the traces, and it is more conducive to polishing.If you directly with the polishing wheel, It is difficult to obtain the desired polishing effect.

resin diamond grinding wheel.jpg

Resin diamond grinding wheel can be used for a variety of types of glass edging machine, it has two main shapes: cup-shaped and bowl-based. Resin diamond grinding wheel is commonly used for processing of construction glass, furniture glass, electronics glass, appliances glass, and bothroom glass,etc. After grinding by the resin diamond grinding wheel, it is possible to enter the polishing step in which the polishing wheel also have many types,such as:BD polishing wheel, BK polishing wheel, X3000 polishing wheel, X5000 polishing wheel, 10S polishing wheel, wool felt wheel,etc.



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