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Oil feed glass cutter

    • Plastic Glass Cutter
      Plastic Glass Cutter

      Plastic handle glass cutter Wood handle six wheel glass cutter Hand hold glass cutter

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    • Metal Glass Cutter
      Metal Glass Cutter

      We can provide wooden handle, plastic handle and metal handle glass cutter. Generally Wood handle is used six round head, cutting without oiling, but plastic and metal handle`s cutter need to be filled with the oil.

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    • Circle Glass Cutter
      Circle Glass Cutter

      360 ┬░rotating roller type glass cutter, can be filled with oil, the arbor length is the radius of the circle.

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    • T Manual Glass Cutter
      T Manual Glass Cutter

      The cutter arbor is made of thickened aluminum alloy, across bar is designed in a bow. it is particularly good to fit the glass in cutting, and not lead to the cuuting line is not straight by pry or rheology.

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